Olivia Oleo: Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Oleo Chemicals and Palm Oil Products

Olivia Oleo is a renowned company specializing in Oleo Chemicals, Palm Oil and it’s derivatives with over 35 years of experience and based out of Singapore. The vast array of Palm Oil and derivatives are exported in more than 70 countries. The forte of Olivia Oleo lies in its competitive and aggressive pricing and the capacity to fulfill large volumes with the best in class technology which is applied in supply chain management.

The business and trading that Olivia Oleo deals in comes of exceptional quality and is delivered globally for food and non-food applications. Olivia’s growth is characterized and built on the foundations of transparency, sustainability, and delivering innovative solutions to customers. Recommendations are provided to customers based on research and insight and we are supported and backed by skilled and knowledgeable manpower. The export presence of Olivia Oleo is felt across Europe, Africa, Middle East, America and other Asian countries.

Some of the industries we supply include food, soap, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Besides the packaging options are the most suitable and effective in preserving the quality of all our products. They are shipped most safely and securely after passing through the most stringent quality norms.

Olivia Oleo is the most recognized and reputed for strong supply chain management and seamless on-time delivery upholding customer satisfaction and the best quality of products provided. We work closely with the best brands that have been able to touch millions of lives through their high-quality products and also give all our partners the best value proposition.

Some of our featured products are-

Soap Noodles- The soap noodles come in the form of Snow White Soap noodles, Multi-purpose soap noodles as well and laundry soap noodles. These find their application in Toilet Soaps, high-grade laundry soaps as well as for deinking purposes. There are different grades available as per specifications.

snow white soap noodles

Distilled Fatty Acids- The DFA (Palm and Palm kernel oil based) is another primary product that finds its applications in surfactants, Fatty esters, intermediate chemicals, rubber chemicals, paper chemicals; textiles, animal feed, and, lots more. There are fractioned fatty acids which are also used in personal care products and Stearic acids which find their application in plastics, cosmetics, candles, etc.

Distilled Fatty Acids

Oils and Fats- Olivia Oleo specializes in various types of oils like Coconut Oil, Palm Oil/Kernel oil, Sunflower Oil, etc which are predominantly used in cooking, confectionary products, Soaps and Industrial Chemicals.

Oils and Fats

Glycerine- Glycerine is widely used in coatings, animal feed, biofuel as well as paints. We can supply Refined Glycerine USP 99.7%, E422 Food grade and Crude Glycerine. The glycerine supplied is of top quality and provides total client satisfaction.


Surfactants- Surfactants supplied are SLES 70%, CDEA, Betaine, LABSA, etc . Some of the important uses are found in shampoos, body washes, Detergents, pet care, and industrial cleaning applications.


Fatty Alcohols- Fatty Alcohols form another key ingredient for personal care products, health care and home care products. It is a great stabilizer and can change the thickness of liquids which makes it popular for many industries.

Fatty Alcohols

Specialty Fats- These are of vital importance in shortening Bakery products, frying, cooking, and confectionery. Similarly, there are specialty fats like margarine, cocoa butter substitute, cocoa butter replacer, and ice-cream fat that are used in confectionery products. These are distributed to all kinds of manufacturers small or big by Olivia Oleo and provide a unique proposition to provide the best in business.

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