Stearic Acid, Oleic Acid, DFA: Applications and Beyond

When it comes to the world of chemicals and additives, one compound that plays a significant role in various industries is Stearic Acid. From its historical roots in the 19th century to its modern-day applications, this versatile chemical compound has found its way into numerous products, ranging from candles to cosmetics. In this article, we'll discuss the world of Stearic Acid, Oleic Acid, DFA and High Iodine Value Fatty Acid exploring its different forms and the myriad of industries it influences.

Understanding Stearic Acid

The Origin Story: Stearic Acid 1838 to 1892

Stearic Acid's journey begins in the 19th century, with different iterations emerging over the years. Stearic Acid 1838, 1850, 1865, 1870, and 1892 represent the various stages of its development. Each of these forms has unique properties that make them indispensable in specific applications.

Stearic Acid

Versatility Unleashed: Rubber Grade Stearic Acid 60%

Rubber Grade Stearic Acid 60% is a critical component in the rubber industry. Its remarkable properties enhance the production of rubber-based products, making it an essential additive for rubber additives, textile sizing, textile auxiliaries, candles, cosmetics, personal care products, lubricants, and plastics.

Oleic Acid: A Close Relative

While Stearic Acid takes the spotlight, it's worth mentioning its close relative - Oleic Acid. With Oleic 7513 and Oleic 7519 leading the pack, this compound finds its way into various industries, serving as emollients, emulsifiers, cosmetics, detergents, and plastic auxiliaries. Oleates, derived from Oleic Acid, are a crucial ingredient in these applications, further highlighting its significance.

Oleic Acid

DFA (Coconut Oil Based)

Distilled Coconut Fatty Acid (DCFA) or DFA is another key player in the chemical world. Its diverse applications range from paints to lubricants, alkyd resins, soaps, fatty alcohols, surfactants, fatty esters, intermediate chemicals, fatty amines, and industrial chemicals. DFA, sourced from coconut oil, showcases the adaptability of natural resources in modern industrial processes.

Distilled Coconut Fatty Acid DCFA

The High Iodine Value Fatty Acid

For industries requiring high iodine value fatty acids, Distilled Sunflower Fatty Acid takes center stage. Its importance is most evident in alkyd resins, paints, coatings, and varnishes. This unique fatty acid caters to the specific needs of these industries, providing exceptional performance and quality.

Exploring Distilled Soya Fatty Acid

Distilled Soya Fatty Acid is yet another vital ingredient in the world of chemicals. Just like its counterparts, it finds its place in alkyd resins, paints, coatings, and varnishes. The versatility of this fatty acid ensures that it meets the rigorous demands of various applications.

Conclusion: The Versatile World of Fatty Acids

In conclusion, Stearic Acid and its counterparts, along with Oleic Acid, DFA, high iodine value fatty acid, and distilled soya fatty acid, play pivotal roles in diverse industries. From enhancing the properties of rubber to serving as emulsifiers in cosmetics, these fatty acids have proven their worth. They are the unsung heroes behind many everyday products, silently working to make our lives better.


1. Is Stearic Acid safe for use in cosmetics?

Yes, Stearic Acid is commonly used in cosmetics and is considered safe when used as directed.

2. What makes Rubber Grade Stearic Acid 60% special?

Rubber Grade Stearic Acid 60% possesses properties that improve the processing and quality of rubber-based products.

3. Is Stearic Acid used in food products?

Yes, Stearic Acid is used in some food products as a food additive. It is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) when used in accordance with regulations.

Unlock the potential of these versatile fatty acids and explore the endless possibilities they offer in various industries. Whether you're a manufacturer, a trader, or simply curious about the world of chemicals, these compounds are the unsung heroes shaping our everyday lives.

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